Reflections on Lisa Madigan’s Speech

Unfortunately missing the protests, I somehow managed to get to Lisa Madigan’s speech. And not just to the video room, but “the real one.” (I’m mentioning this, because security was super tight, it almost felt like I’m going to hear the President of the United States speak)

Either way, the room was filled with reporters and seemingly important people. After a brief introduction by another Loyola Law School alumna, Lisa Madigan began her speech, which overall was very well put together (The woman definitely has character and charisma).

A friend of mine that was accompanying me noted that the speech was rather autobiographic, as she spoke about her undergrad studies in Georgetown and adventures in Africa, where she taught a robust group of “hungry for knowledge” students.

Also, she devoted a large portion of her speech to praising “U.S. Senator Paul Simon, an Illinois Democrat who influenced her to reconsider what she wanted to do with her life”

The interesting part came, after a brave protestor who somehow have managed to sneak in, lifted protest Continue reading