Why are prisons built far from large cities?

I noticed similarities between Kupers and Rhodes piece in how they both mentioned this idea of secrecy and extreme exclusion that the inmates suffer in solitary confinement.  I don’t think anyone is denying the extreme sense of exclusion and deprivation felt by inmates confined in solitary confinement, but the idea of secrecy is worthy of debate and has a history in the corrections setting. If you study the history of corrections, if was thought in the early 1900s that perhaps if we build prisons out in the country far removed from major cities that perhaps these rough and tough criminals will be exposed to nature and that wholesome country values will permeate their brains and perhaps aid in the rehabilitation.  Of course building prisons far away also had crime control in mind in the sense that prisoners who escape would have little around in the immediate surroundings to engage in criminal activity.  Kupers included this idea of secrecy to suggest that violations of rights may be occurring in these prisons, which are very possible; I just thought it was important to reflect on the historical implications of this sort of prison design. Unfortunately building prisons in this style seems to greatly hinder rehabilitation for the main reason of the difficulties low income families incur in having to travel a great distance to visit incarcerated family members.