Young girls abused in New York prisons

One of the readings that struck me the most was the Human Rights Watch report on Conditions of Confinement in New York’s Juvenile Prisons for Girls. I am completely blown away that this facility is legally functioning because there is so much abuse for the young girls. Basically, there are two large facilities in New York, Tyron and Lansing, and they are prisons for young girls who commit an act that would be charged as a criminal offense if it were by an adult (like stealing). The report described how at these prisons, the staff proceeds to restrain the girls, who are as young as twelve, by shoving them to the ground and pushing their faces into the floor. The workers use so much force that at times it has even broken the girls’ limbs. According to law, when dealing with children, physical force can be used only in case of emergency when a violent child needs to be controlled. However, here at the prison, the girls are being punished for Continue reading