Wednesday, February 18

6:30pm to 8:00pm

Stateville Speaks Loyola Release Party



Crown Center Auditorium, 1001 W. Loyola Ave, Lake Shore Campus

Watch SPACE GHOST (26 minutes, 2007) and hear an staged reading from A DAY IN STATEVILLE (excerpt, 15 minutes, 2009).

SPACE GHOST compares the experiences of astronauts and prisoners, using popular depictions of space travel to illustrate the physical and existential aspects of incarceration: sensory deprivation, the perception of time as chaotic and indistinguishable, the displacement of losing face-to-face contact, and the sense of existing in a different but parallel universe with family and loved-ones.

A DAY IN STATEVILLE is a play written by current prisoners in Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois to communicate both the material and emotional realities of life in Stateville. The work was born out of a unique class taught at Stateville by Jim Chapman.

Q+A and DISCUSSION: Artistic strategies for representing the condition of long-term incarceration with respondent Stephen F. Eisenman, Northwestern University Art History Professor and author of the Abu Ghraib Effect.

Co-sponsored by The Center for Global Media and Documentary Studies, School of Communication. Loyola University Chicago and by Amnesty International of Loyola University.


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