Tamms supermax schedule-inside the cell

Tamms Supermax prison

4:00 A.M. BREAKFAST inside cell, wash eating utensils, brush teeth, prepare laundry bag ready for shower in the morning
7:00 A.M. Daily count of inmates, make bed, wash down floor, workout-pushups, jumping jacks, dips, lunges
8:30 A.M. SHOWER
9:00 A.M. Back in cell: hang up clothes that were washed in shower, put on lotion, deodorant, clean cell door, wash down floor
9:30 A.M. LUNCH inside cell
10:00 A.M. Brush teeth again; Go to yard, play chess or read
11:00 A.M. Watch TV or listen to walkman
(NOTE: Only inmates at Level 3 are allowed to buy either a TV or radio in their individual cell.)
1:00 P.M. Reading or studying Swahili, Spanish or writing
4:30: DINNER inside cell: Wash eating utensils, bless food, eat, brush teeth
5:00 P.M.Watch news on TV
6:00 P.M.Write or finish reading
7:00 P.M.Watch TV or listen to radio
8:00 P.M.Workout
10:00 P.M.Wash myself, cell, clothes, floor, door sink, and toilet
11:00 P.M. Read, “bless my night,” go over Swahili and Spanish words
SLEEP until 4:00 A.M.
Comments on the experience of prison life overall: “Daily life at Tamms Supermax prison consists of constant isolated confinement, and can best be described as a mundane and stagnant existence.”
Tips on surviving prison life:
“Taking time out to think beyond this place is good [meditating] and remembering who you are can all help you survive this place.”


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