Pontiac C.C. schedule

Pontiac C.C.
Level 1: Maximum-Security Adult Male
Level 3: High Medium-Security Male

4:36 A.M: awake, reading the Bible, making tea, cleaning or exercising; “bird bath time”—washing up in cell
7:30 A.M.: Daily count of inmates; BREAKFAST
8:00 A.M.: Inmates place outgoing mail on the bars of their cell;
8:00-12:00 P.M.:
Assignment: “I am a worker at the Culinary Arts Cooking Center. I cook, bake, and make salads.”
Saturday: Anger management/substance abuse classes
Inmates have the option of returning to their cell, going to the Law Library or going to the yard, where prisoners can play basketball, play cards or chess, etc.
3:30 P.M.: Second lock-up and count of the day, MEALTIME, SHOWER
Tuesdays: Jaycees’ meeting
SLEEP until 4:30 A.M.

Comments on the experience of prison life overall: “Blacks and Whites do not fraternize together in comfort here.”

Tips on surviving prison life: “I want to devote my time to reading and writing with everything else secondary, but I can’t do that in prison. I have to keep my eyes open at all times or I won’t make it.”

“I engage in all kinds of petty intrigue which I’ve found necessary to survival.”


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