Darrell Cannon’s Story

Darrell Cannon brought up some heart wrenching topics, yet the one that really interested me was his story of Tamms.  A supermax prison located in the southern most part of Illinois has gone from temporary punishment to long term dehumanization.  Many times when Darrell was talking he mentioned the fact that, “Tamms was made to break you mentally, physically and spiritually.  This really made me upset with the criminal justice system because conditions in prison should foster growth and change, not take the spirit and life out of a person.  Darrell told the class that the staff would sometimes provoke or at least try to get a rise from the prisoners.  One can barely begin to comprehend the mental stress one must endure every day in solitary confinement and recieving abuse from staff members.  Darrell mentioned that Tamms is all about the commodity a.k.a. the prisoner, and getting money.  The supermax is no longer concerned with crime and punishment but helping their economy.


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