REMEMBERING-Is torture of mentally ill ever justified?

I don’t know if any of you had a chance to read the article from last class regarding the case and death of Timothy Soulders,but I though it was completely appalling. It literally made me physically sick to read about the conditions he was subjected to,hours before the died.

I’m not going to go into detail about what they did to him (leaving him with bed restrains for 17 hours at a time, at a heat index of 100,ignoring pleas for help,and urine burns),it is obvious to me that the extent of his punishment was severely exaggerated and not because prisoners are also humans and deserve common decency,but because Timothy Soulders was – mentally ill.

This brings everything into a different perspective.I know the answer to the title question is obvious, it is obvious to you and me,but judging from the atrocities that have and continue to take place,perhaps it is still worth discussing it.

It is beyond my imagination why you would subject someone  who is “exhibiting signs of psychotic behavior” to perhaps mundane punishment (i.e bed restrains) when the circumstances call for an exclusive treatment and rehabilitation of the inmate,before he can even appreciate the meaning of his punishment.

Again,that’s just my opinion,call it liberal,call it “not touch on crime”,but it would be hard to convince me that mentally ill individuals deserve such “touch punishments”.


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