Juvenile Sentence

 Hey guys,

I read the article about the two boys that commited the murder and are facing life without parole for the crime. I agree that life without parole is a harsh sentence, i do think that the sentence is in the range it should be for the severity of the crime. I think the type of teenagers that we are dealing with these days arent you’re average innoncent teenagers that are going through a face and deserve a second chance right away. In the article, they said that the boys cut the power and telephone lines off before entering the house of the woman. This shows they deliberately intended not to spare this womans life. I think that when you plan a murder and then execute the plan, no matter what the age, you know the severity of what you’re doing. I think that the minimum sentence should be at least 50-75 years.


2 Responses

  1. I thoroughly agree that the sentence is proper as well as expected. Though, a death sentence would also suffice. As you pointed out, the element of premeditation to commit murder or some other illicit act was apparent and executed without question. You also present an interesting dilemma regarding the paradox of teenager lifestyles. It seems as time goes on adolescents are becoming more capable at a younger age possibly because of heavy media influence or even parental deficiencies. It is an absolute shame then when some children grow up predisposed to criminality because of factors like bad parenting, something they can’t control. It subsequently makes it difficult to then punish these kids for crimes committed, yet the law must be upheld.

  2. If teenagers are going to spend the rest of their lives in jail without any chance of getting out then they may as well behave as they wish, which may explain why gaurds are being killed by inmates just to get a name for themselves thereby advancing their postions within their peer group, predictable behaviour really.

    We get laughed at in the UK for being softies, but our violent crime and murder figures speak for themsleves.

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