this knowledge overwhelms us

This facility functions more as a mental institution than a prison of rehabilitation and it serves no penalogical purpose other than to warehouse prisoners. As the duration of our isolation drags on and the degree of our conditions of confinement deteriorate you begin to see the psychological effect that this place has on us. We know that we will spend all day in these cells with absolutely nothing constructive to do with our time and we do not know if we will ever leave here. This knowledge overwhelms many of us and it leads many of us to insanity, causing attempted suicide, suicide, body mutilation, hanging, eating and throwing feces, and other extreme acts.
—Joe Louis Young (in Tamms supermax since 2004)


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  1. The US is getting a reputation for locking parts of society away whilst others (look at the bankers who have bankrupted america) are seeminlgly above the law.

    Whilst the US is medievil in its approach to correction, it does not even seem to be working.

    Joe, assuming that you had really pissed me off by robbing my house and beating me up, I still wouldn’t want you in solitary for more than a week at most. Even really serious offences that call for long sentences should not include solitary confinement.

    Returning mentally ill people back to society from prison is very dangerous for the rest of the population.

    In the uk, even the prevention of terrorism act stipulates a the maximum police cell stay is 6 weeks-and that is only a post 9/11.

    America is jailing whole sections of it’s society just like communist china. this is only really the return for getting private companies running prisons and “supporting” politicians who need to keep the jails full. My sympathy for all of you. In a British jail you would be treated a lot better.

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